After years of succesful projects in Digital Innovation I have chosen Sustainable Innovation as the new field I want to dedicate my expertise to.

Photographer Monica Monté

My name is Ines Vanlangendonck and for years I have built a strong techological expertise with years of experience in Digital Transformation projects. Clients say I master the art to make complex challenges both structured and insightful to non-techies. I breathe Agile and have had years of agile projects with successful outcomes in large organisations, within time and budget.

I have also earned quite a few grey hairs as an entrepreneur. I founded Orbis, an Internet Agency in Chile in 2002, RedTree (today Formica), a Content Management Integrator in 2008 and Foursevens, a Pragmatic Digital Innovation agency in 2011.

After a thorough training in Sustainability from the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership I started investigating where I could have most impact with my combined expertise.

Today, I am Technology Lead at Refrastructure (Foundation for Digital Reuse Support) and Lab Manager at REuse Lab, a research group at the University of Antwerp.

I am also a public speaker on topics of sustainable innovation and digital and I regularly write articles about the crossroads between technology and sustainability.

What People Say

Ines is both calculating and creative, traits that make her extremely effective.

Gunter Boutsen

There is nothing foolish about hope.

N.K. Jemisin

You had the power all along my dear.

The Good Witch – Wizard of Oz