Sustainability & Digital

Technology alone will not save the world. But technology can make any sustainable solution better, faster, more accessible, safer and more scalable.

What can digital do?

Digital technology will be needed to make the sustainable economy feasible and scalable. It will make businesses more sustainable but at the same time more agile and prepare them for a world that will bring unexpected changes.

New processes

A sustainable economy is based on new forms of work and supply chains. These bring with them new processes. The operation of your company and its suppliers will have to be even more closely aligned in order to enable, for example, a guaranteed flow of circular parts or materials.

New business models

The world is evolving from sales to rental and loan models. The producer remains responsible for the proper functioning of his products, but also owner of its components and raw materials. New needs arise for data flows, status information, communication with the user/customer.

New legislation

Under the impetus of the European Green Deal, the legislation surrounding products and production chains will change rapidly in the coming years. The need for transparency and high-quality exchange of data will become self-evident. The responsibility for this lies with the producer, who needs tools to make this possible.

Sustainable Digital

But digital solutions also have an impact on energy and material use. To minimise this impact, Kamon offers a network of experts in all aspects of sustainable digital construction.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.

Thomas Edison