Sustainable Change

An Agile approach to the sustainable transformation of your company. This way, sustainable innovation happens step by step, feasibly and affordably.

Sustainable change in 4 steps.

See Sustainability

On the Sustainable Innovation Trip, I will take you, zero emission, to 4 selected companies who will tell their story. How did they choose the problem they wanted to solve sustainably? What challenges did they encounter in their search for a sustainable solution? How did they get it funded? And how did their idea become scalable?

Talk about Sustainability

Sustainability is a theme that scares off many people and companies. It smells of doom scenarios and sounds like an impossibility for many sectors. Yet there has never been a better time to start the debate. Tell us about your vision of sustainability in your organisation and get the conversation going.

Sustainable Action

Innovation is possible in small steps and in an Agile way. Experiments provide insights. Insights lead to good conclusions and the creation of new products or services. You do not need an endless budget or a three-year plan.

Scale Sustainability

Sustainable business models only scale smoothly with the right partners based on open cooperation and a clearly articulated value exchange. Some sustainability challenges can become scalable thanks to technology. Kamon can ask potential technology partners the difficult questions to arrive at good, cost-effective, future-proof technology choices.

Action should always be preferred over inaction.

No idea who this is from. But it makes sense.