What is Jointware?

Jointware enables companies with similar needs to invest together in the development of a software solution while becoming co-owners.

Jointware is a new way of buying software. In the transition to a sustainable economy, companies need to be more in control of the financial and functional roadmap of the software they depend on. Jointware allows co-investment in a software solution. You become the customer but also acquire a seat at the table.

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Use-case: reusables

A Jointware platform for reusable packaging in take-away, co-owned by Reuse companies. This platform will solve the multi-app problem customers are faced with today, the vendor-lockin presented to restaurant owners and the heavy digital investment costs for reuse companies in an emerging market

Use-case: DPP

A Jointware solution for the Digital Product Passport, based on the Open Linked Data standard to assure interoperability and open architecture of the solution. This platform can be co-owned by companies from either side of the supply chain: those needing to publish product passports and those needing to digest the data, like refurbishers, recyclers etc.